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    unknown-user on #168239

    Hi everyone,

    unknown-user on #168240

    Hi Theresa,
    Well, I’m a bit biased, but I highly recommend University of Maryland. Rebecca Anstine Smith is the teacher there, and Alice Chalifoux gives monthly lessons to all harp students.

    Ruth Mar on #168241

    On the other coast is the University of Washington, which I know has both marine biology and harp (Pamela Vokolek).

    Nicole Christopher on #168242

    Have you looked into U of Toronto with Judy Loman?

    unknown-user on #168243

    Look into Boston University…GRRREAT Harp Program including Lucille Lawrence as head of staff (who was once married to Carlos Salzedo). Also, try for an advanced search of all the programs you want…great site.


    unknown-user on #168244

    For harp or music generally plus something else, try the University of Cincinnati. The College Conservatory of Music was an independant

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