College harp teacher of French Method?

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    janie-kesselman on #152246


    We are just embarking on the journey of finding the right university for my daughter, who has been schooled in the French method up to now (student of Laura Porter) and wants to continue as a harp performance major in college.

    She prefers a university to a music conservatory since she wants a broader college education than a conservatory would offer.

    Who would you recommend? What schools? (We are especially interested in schools in the western part of the country.)

    Thanks for any clues!

    kimberly-houser on #152247

    There are many French Method teachers available all around the country.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #152248

    Oakland University north of Detroit, as well.

    Misty Harrison on #152249

    I met Laura Porter a couple times and she seems to be on the ball about things so I would think you should take her suggestions. The most important thing is to have a lesson with the teachers and to talk to students who have worked with the teachers for a long time. Most teachers are great but some aren’t and it’s not easy to tell from a first meeting. Students who studied with the teacher at different times can tell you if the teacher was truly helpful or not and be sure to look at what the teacher’s students are doing now compared to what your daughter wants to be doing so you can be sure the teacher is trying to help the students accomplish their goals.

    alice-freeman on #152250

    Well, don’t consider the University of Wyoming. The harp instructor there is a Salzedo harpist with a Bachelor’s in Music Education from Wyoming.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #152251

    Why did you bring that up?

    marguerite-lynn-williams on #152252

    Also Sarah Bullen at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

    Harp One on #152253

    Sarah Bullen who is the principal harpist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
    She is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    laura-stokes on #152254

    I just finished my college search and I will be attending the Peabody Institute next fall to study with Ruth Inglefield. I think she is fantastic!

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