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    Averil Chandler on #167153

    I’m heading off to college this fall and I’m thinking of buying a lever harp to take with me. I’m not going to be a music major but I’d like to keep up with the harp. I have a 1000ish budget, I could go a little over. I’ve been looking at harpsicles, Blevins etc. Any ideas? Also for the college students out there, what are the logistics involved with having a harp around? Roommate problems, storage, practice roms etc. Thanks!

    Kelly R on #167154

    Hi Averil,

    I have a Salvi Eire that I had with me at college.

    unknown-user on #167155

    Look at Stoney End harps also. They are economical, with excellent
    financing options, and it is my opinion that their tone quality is very
    high for the price. I’m buying one to keep in my downtown studio to
    teach on. If they are built at the factory, you have a good option. A
    second hand kit built by an unknown person is better avoided.

    Elizabeth Hagberg on #167156

    I have a fully levered Stoney End Eve (22 strings) with me in my dorm room.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167157

    There’s a 26-string Dusty Strings Ravenna with full levers for about $1000. They are good harps, and the company has an excellent reputation. They are making a bigger Ravenna now, as well, for just a bit more money. They have a new computerized way of making them, which brings up the reliability of quality, and brings down the cost.

    kreig-kitts on #167158

    Find out the floorplan for the dorm you plan to live in.

    Kari Q on #167159

    I agree

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