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    unknown-user on #167955

    Hi everybody,

    I’m looking for pen pals who are in college (or going to be in the
    near future) and are just as harp-crazed as I am! Just to talk about
    harps, student life and all kinds of other stuff! I’m from the
    Netherlands, study Dutch literature, own a pedal harp and am quite
    engaged in the student life here. You can mail me at!

    Best wishes from the Netherlands,


    unknown-user on #167956

    Hi Elise. I am Suzanne, and I live in Utah,USA. I am going to college this fall. Like you, I am absolutely obsessed with harp. I have many harp CD’s, and the entire back of my bedroom door is covered with pictures of beautiful harps. I am principal harpist with Granite Youth Symphony. I don’t own a harp, but I just play on an old Salvi Diana that the symphony has. I want more than anything to have my own harp. I also play violin. When I go to college, I am going to major in music (violin performance) but I am going to take harp lessons. I will be famous someday! I’d love to chat, so email me about anything. My email is
    Love to hear from you or anyone…


    unknown-user on #167957

    Hello, i’m halfway round the globe in singapore. Been learning the harp in school for 4 years, i finally got my own harp. Its a lever harp from japan, really proud of it. Yes, i dream, eat, breathe harps too..would love to communicate! I’m a junior college now, eh, 17 this year. Yup, entering Uni in 2 years time. I love lit, geog, basically the arts..oh, i’m a nature person too 🙂 I’ve added you to my msn messenger..see you! would love to talk! oh, my name is erica by the contact is

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