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    Hello Everyone!
    I’m currently a rising senior in high school. I’ve been playing the harp for almost 13 years 🙂 and I’m currently a student in an arts school here in the US studying strings chamber music (yes, with the harp!) and music theory. I’m also the principal harpist in my area’s youth orchestra.
    I know that there are a lot of professional harpists and college harp professors on this site, and I was wondering if any of you would be willing to give me some wise advice as I prepare to audition for colleges this fall and spring.

    Basically, my question boils down to this: while I’ve spent so much time studying music, I feel miles behind my peers. I don’t know any harpists my age/grade, just other musicians planning on attending the same colleges as I. All of them have already made a name for themselves in music (maybe not nationally- although some of them have- but they’ve studied with famous teachers, attended schools like Interlochen, etc.). I haven’t been involved in any music camps, never won any competitions. . .not even regional festivals or anything like that. I’m honestly questioning if I’ll get into the music schools where I’m applying. I just don’t know if I’m a competitive applicant.

    I’d be grateful for any insights on this! Thank you!


    Teachers at colleges and universities are looking for students with potential, so as long as you do a good audition and show that you have talent, you will get accepted somewhere. For universities, of course, your high school marks make a difference. Prepare your audition material well, and you should be fine. Check each college’s web site for their audition and entrance requirements.


    Thank you! I’ve been looking at colleges and I’m certainly getting ready for my auditions. Thanks for your input I really appreciate it.


    Hi Lynn, thanks for posting! I have to echo what Elizabeth said–I think most teachers are looking foremost for potential and a positive attitude. While some elite schools may be very competitive, there are many very good schools who would welcome someone who isn’t necessarily “competitive” but who has good basic skills and a strong desire to learn. You may want to check out the two articles in the recent issue of *Harp Column* [Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to College]( and our 2013 [College Harp Programs Listings]( Lots of great information from our author @[[meghan-caulkett:User:Meghan Caulkett]]!

    On a completely unrelated note, this seems like a good place to mention that we have a glitch on the site that prevents tagging on any names or titles that contain an accent. So Elizabeth Volpé Bligh I cannot tag you in this post! I’ve discussed this extensively with @[[hugh-brock:User:Hugh Brock]], and unfortunately it is a difficult fix… Elizabeth, this may explain why you had problems with tagging in the past.


    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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