Collapsible practice harp for travel

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    le_sacre on #256415

    I was happy to discover the Niebisch and Tree travel harp on a video by Chiara Pedrazzetti’s channel. In particular I liked hearing that (unlike other travel solutions I’ve read about) it matches the spacing and tension of a concert harp, for keeping your fingers in shape (even if it doesn’t sound very musical). Does anyone have experience with this practice instrument, or a similarly compact travel solution?

    Also, apparently they don’t ship to the US, and I can’t find anyone else advertising it. Anyone know where I might find one?

    Biagio on #256504

    Any experienced luthier could make one for you if you can’t find it but frankly I’d ask them to never mind about the folding bit, just make it flat permanently. Once you have folded it you have taken the tension off and it will take several days to bring it back up and hold pitch..

    balfour-knight on #256524

    I agree, Biagio. Taking the tension off, then trying to put it back on would be very time-consuming and vexing to the harpist. I would just take a regular small-size harp with me. It has not been difficult for me to travel with my smallest harp, my Dusty FH36S, but I have never been on a plane with it, ha, ha!

    Have a good day, my friends,

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