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    allegra on #77195

    I was wondering if it would be any use getting one of these tuners that tune by the vibrations, like the Snark clip-on ones. At the moment I use my phone, but I haven’t got a pick-up, so was looking into that when I saw the vibration tuners and thought maybe that would be an alternative.

    I don’t know where I’d clip it where I would be able to see it while I was tuning. I guess you must have to keep moving it? Can you clip it to the metal plate on the neck? (not sure of the exact name). That’s the only place I can think of that I might be able to see it when tuning most of the strings at least.

    And as a total aside, when I was looking on the accessories pages of some sites for tuners, I came across something called “rear shoe inserts”, and I am just curious what they are actually for as I don’t understand the description of it balancing the harp in playing position or when that would be used. Like this

    Sid Humphreys on #77196

    I really like my Peterson pick up (and adapter) that I plug into my iPhone. It works with all my tuner apps, which comes in handy in noisy venues (also with the pick up I can register the 00F and 00G as well as the bottom D and C if the room is quiet.) If the Snark looks like it will have a viewing disability then why bother?
    I’m in the dark about the rears shoes.

    Donna O on #77197

    I use the snark and I clip it to my tuning key on the part that fits on the tuning pin. That way you don’t ever move the snark just the key. I love my snark. The only problem with the Snark tuner is they are plastic and you need to be careful adjusting the position of the dial. On the other hand they are very inexpensive. Battery lasts a long time. I order mine from (no affliation w/ them). They are the least expensive and don’t charge shipping. The snark has a lighted dial and is very easily visible in a darkened room.
    I have 2 petersons and never use them now,.

    allegra on #77198

    oh that’s interesting, never thought about clipping it to the tuning key itself! That would certainly solve visibility problems, if there was enough room to clip it on and still turn it (I have a T-shaped rubber key).

    I looked at the Peterson adapters – it seems quite expensive compared to lots of the ordinary 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter cables, but maybe it is better quality/sound. The pick-up that I had been recommended was the Korg one (which is what I was searching for when I came across these other ideas!).

    thank you

    Donna O on #77199

    I have the same key. I gave one to my teacher for his birthday and he also loves it. It tunes either by vibration or sound. ( Great for noisy venues) Make sure to get the Sn-2
    There other one doesn’t work as well. I know Intellitouch also makes a clip-on tuner but it wouldn’t stay clipped to my tuning key

    allegra on #77200

    thanks, I will perhaps give both solutions a try.

    I have found other adapters that should work with the phone and a Korg/other pick-up, so unless there’s something particularly good about the Peterson cable and/or pick-up, I could give those a try first as they’re easier to get hold of.

    allegra on #77201

    I’m still curious about the shoes thing though…

    ellen-beckerman on #77202

    I love my Snark too. I also have the one that can switch between vibration and sound, which is great for the high strings, which don’t register as easily. I attach mine to the tuning pins, or to the hole in the back of the harp. Really anywhere will work.

    allegra on #77203

    Do you need to keep moving it if you put it on one of the pins, or will it pick up vibrations of any string? Don’t think I could see it in the hole in the back, as I’m always standing up to tune (hard enough to reach the lowest bass wires tuning pegs as it is). Quite like the idea of the tuning key attachment, as that would just move along with you – but does it register the changes as you are turning it? Is it that fast? It also looks quite big to fit on my tuning key, but maybe appearances are deceiving.

    There’s actually loads by Snark it seems, not just Sn-2 and another, but lots of numbered ones. Sn-8 appears to be the newest, but not sure that it does both mic and vibration, though it says it’s faster than the Sn-2 (and also black). [edit: just found out that apparently the sn-8 is only vibration, so the older one sounds better as it can do both]
    Korg has one called Pitchclip I think? Don’t know if that’s any good.

    ellen-beckerman on #77204

    I just move the snark when I get too close to it to turn a string. I do move it again when I get into the higher strings so it can “hear” better. What kind of harp are you working with? Some Celtic harps have a piece of wood that extends out perpendicular to the column on the front of the harp. My Dusty does this, as does an old Triplett I used to have. You can just clip it there, and it works very well.

    allegra on #77205

    no mine’s a pedal harp, semi-grand. But clipping it to tuning pegs or tuner might work, or the metal plate. I guess with vibrations it doesn’t have to be as close to the sound as I’m used to with microphone tuner (esp when just using my phone’s mic!)

    catherine-rogers on #77206

    Pedal harps (and some larger lever harps, too) have rear feet that support the weight of the harp when you pull it back onto your shoulder to play. The wooden feet have metal brackets (called shoes) on the bottom which are attached with screws. These brackets have a hard rubber insert to keep the harp from slipping. Eventually the rubber can wear down (if you play on rough surfaces like concrete sidewalks) or bits can break off. You can remove the metal shoe and replace the rubber insert. It’s an easy fix and the rubber usually lasts for years.

    allegra on #77207

    oh I see, thank you! I was imagining somehow these things that would keep it tilted somehow, and couldn’t figure out when that would be used. (your explanation makes a lot more sense than the one on the website!)

    Kirsten Agresta Copely on #77208

    Hi –
    I use a Peterson clip-on pickup for tuning. Most of my colleagues in NYC also have these. They’re inexpensive ($12.95) and quite effective. I clip it on to the string at the very top, just under the peg – but you can also clip it to the handle or on one of the tuning pegs and it works just as well in most conditions.

    Allison Stevick on #77209

    I use a Korg tuner with the clip-on pickup that came with it. I clip it inside one of the sound holes, and I set the tuner on the music stand or my knee. I’ve never had any trouble with it not “hearing” the notes or anything.

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