Climbing back on \"The bike\"

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    kay-lister on #185493

    Oh my – life has been in the FAST lane for me and I’ve been away from the harp pretty much since the middle of November. I’ve just recently started sitting behind that big thing with all the strings again. OH YES, IT’S A HARP! My fingers are SOOOOOOO sore and the “Wow em” music that I HAD under my fingers is not there now. It’s NOT like riding a bike that’s for sure. Hopefully it won’t take long for me to get back into harp shape – UGH!

    Hope you all have been well!


    balfour-knight on #185495

    Kay, good luck on your “comeback”! I have never been away from a harp for more than a day or two, it is like a magnet draws me to the harp, I love it so much. I even travel with my smallest harp, Ravenna 34, so that I don’t get out-of-practice. Do you have a small harp or just the large one you wrote about? A small harp seems to be more inviting sometimes, and is fun to play, also quicker to tune! Best wishes, Balfour

    Allison Stevick on #185496

    Welcome back, Kay! I hope your fingers adjust quickly and the tunes come back soon. 🙂

    balfour-knight on #185498

    Kay, I forgot to say that you might like to apply some Aloe Vera to your sore fingers, either directly from a live plant, or a bottled gel. It works wonders for me when I practice or play too long and rub off my calluses.

    I must say that although I have never been very far away from a harp, I also have a performance degree in organ. I can leave THAT instrument for long periods of time–it is not the instrument of my heart like the harp is! Hope you have a great comeback.

    kay-lister on #185621

    I have an 85E Concertino and a Thormahlen Swann. I jumped right back on the 85, which was probably NOT the best way to ease my fingers back into the whole thing. The nylons would have been much more forgiving.

    Patience is NOT my best virtue, as I plopped Rumba on the music stand to give it whirl – OUCH! Hey, when that didn’t work out, I tried Chanson dans la nuit. Well, now I think I’ll take a hot roasting pan out of the oven and NOT use a pot-holder!!!

    OK, I just have to keep reminding myself that SIMPLE is beautiful! One finger at a time and hopefully they will toughen back up fairly quickly.

    I’ve been playing daily for 13 years now and I have missed my stringed friends! When I sat down the other evening and put my arms around my harp, it was like hugging an old friend! I just hope my schedule keeps easing up so I can spend more time with my friend as we get reacquainted.

    Kay 🙂

    balfour-knight on #185623

    Sounds good, Kay! Just think arpeggios right now–they sound so good and will gradually toughen up your fingers. Don’t overdo it. Good luck! (Balfour)

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