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    goatberryfarm2010 on #223323

    I live in a very arid portion of the high mtn desert in N.E. Nevada. Water is expensive, so we don’t have a lawn, although we’re trying to find a pretty ground cover that can survive our Summers/Winters.
    I’ve been looking for a lg sable brush to go over my harp, daily, just to be sure it isn’t accumulating sand particles.
    The only thing that might work is my harp carry case, but I love having it out. It’s a work of art in itself!
    Would a Swiffer microfiber cloth be useful? I’ve been unable to find a sable brush that fits my requirements.
    Thank you for being here & for all your kindness.

    harpist123 on #223327

    Hi, Jennifer! I use a Swiffer! I buy the ones called “heavy duty” because they fluff out to a 360 degree fluffy head, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally rubbing the plastic parts against your harp that you slip the Swiffer over (and yes, I have the small rod that allows you to tip the end where the duster part goes, so you get a nice angle all the way around the harp and soundboard, etc. Also, I buy the “unscented” ones because I’m not sure if the scent might transfer to the harp surface in some chemical form, and besides, I don’t like how they smell…I also have a VERY nice makeup soft bristle brush which pulls back into it’s own case and a cap goes on, keeping it clean, and the bristles nice and straight. I use it to brush the discs and other small parts on my pedal harp, as well as all those hard to get to places, and all the small lever parts on my lever harps. That way the Swiffer doesn’t catch on the clipped ends of the strings at the top. Lots of dust here in Colorado!!! And I enjoy looking at my harps like you do 🙂

    goatberryfarm2010 on #223401

    Thank you so much, harpist123. Great ideas!
    I also hope to put in wood or vinyl floors; I have asthma & COPD & 3 hairy dogs… LOL.
    We lived in CO for almost 4 years – in Longmont, & loved it. However, the economy crashed & we moved home to NV. Similar climates. 😄

    Christian Finnigan on #224458

    The dirt on harps is very stubborn. I usually prefer to clean it with a mild dish soap liquid and try to rub it with the help of a soft cloth.

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