Cleaning Harp Strings

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    unknown-user on #164270

    Over the summe with the heat, my harp has developed a squeaky sound

    barbara-low on #164271

    I noticed that too this summer, but the strings don’t squeak anymore. I didn’t do anything, but if you want, maybe one swipe with a cloth lightly dampened with water followed by a dry one will do it. I wouldn’t do this to the wires, though.

    barbara-brundage on #164272

    Wipe them down with a soft dry cloth. See:

    and scroll down.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #164273

    You can wipe the wire strings with a cloth or a strong paper towel. The guts and nylons I clean by slightly dampening a cloth or towel with water and a tiny drop of Ivory dishwashing liquid, wiping the strings on both sides, making sure nothing drips onto the harp, and then immediately wiping them with a dry cloth or towel. This removes any accumulated oils. This would only work on coated and nylon strings, and not very often. Wash your hands before playing! You can also put some talc on your palm.

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