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    Well, since I’ve gotten no response from harpcolumn to my email or on the website issue board, I’ll post here too.

    I don’t know how likely it is that someone would be getting ripped off in the classifieds on here (especially if you’re going to pick up the harp in person) but I saw a posting that seemed a little odd.

    Its for a BRAND NEW L&H Prelude 40 string lever harp. The post lists (and shows a picture of) a Prelude “Brand new, still in shipping box on pallet” and asks to “make an offer”. Also, it notes that it is for pickup ONLY in Bolingbrook, IL.

    My concerns are 1. If you have a brand new harp, still in the box/packaging, why would you want someone to make you an offer? Why would you accept anything less than the retail value of said harp, when the resell/trade value for harps is pretty high, even for an actual used harp? And of course, a $5,100 harp isn’t something you buy, try once and decide you don’t want it anymore.

    2. I work in Bolingbrook, IL and its 30 miles from Lyon & Healy…why would anyone pay to have a harp shipped to their house if you’re a 45 minute drive from the factory? Also, if they did go pick it up, why would they have a shipping box and pallet rather than just the soft cover for it?

    I know that I can just be assuming things and maybe there are legitimate reasons to disprove my assumptions. And really, if the post owner is reading this, feel free to come forward and call me out if I’m completely wrong, I wouldn’t want to deter anyones interest in a legitimate classifieds posting. But I always check the classifieds and this one grasped my attention because it could be a potential harp for me, I just had reasons to be cautious. Am I out of line here or being overly concerned?


    Hi Tracey:

    Sorry we missed your other post… our webmaster (aka my husband Hugh Brock!) is traveling in the Czech Republic and has been under the weather for the last few days. We’re a pretty small operation here, but we do our best to stay on top of things :-). You are always welcome to give us a nudge if we don’t respond immediately.

    While we can’t vouch for the authenticity of ads, all our classifieds get approved by an administrator before being posted to prevent actual spam. The list is intended to be a comprehensive, free listing for the harp community. (The nominal fee to post an ad further helps ensure ads are being placed by a real person.) There was nothing about this particular ad that sent up a red flag to us, but as with any for sale listings we expect that users will use their own judgement if something seems suspicious. If someone has evidence that this or any ad is in fact bogus, you can definitely let us know so we can check it out further.

    Thanks for your input!



    Thanks for responding, Kim. And for giving some info!
    Also, I didn’t realize it was just you and your husband than ran this, otherwise I would’ve messaged you on your musicstand! However, I do have another question so please be on the lookout for a message on there from me.



    Tracey, to me this looks more like a lack of knowledge than an actual scam. I would assume that the ad has been posted by someone who has aquired the harp and knows little or nothing about it. Perhaps they inherited it before its owner had had a chance to play or even take delivery? Maybe it came from a closing down sale or was bought as part of a job lot by one of those people who buys up the contents of unpaid storage lockers?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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