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    Biagio on #194872

    Speaking of the wire-strung harp…I have decided to let go of a custom made one – Lord knows I have more than I need:-)  This one is in sapele, 3 octave bronze strung and high headed – it will fit in a Dusty 26 soft case.  Sharping blades on Cs and Fs; matching (folding) gig stand and wrench included.  It’s a custom design (the client decided that wire was not her “thing”).

    It’s kind of unusual for a clarsach of this size in that the voice is a baritone – lowest string a G two octaves below middle C (most are at least an octave higher).  Also unusual (hehe) it sounds good with gut or CF with a bit higher range, Strings are on the RH side.  Let me know off list if anyone is interested.





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