Clark Harp Series A and levers

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    bjwayne on #195537

    I am looking for a Clark Irish Harp series A that is damaged or UN-playable so I can use the parts to fix my own Clark. If you have one, please let me know what you would charge for it. I am specifically looking for the sharping levers.

    Biagio on #195544

    BJ, you are not alone! Many others have encountered this issue.  Once in great while we have been lucky enough to find a broken Clark but that is difficult on our own.  I think you will have more luck asking well known harp restorers if they have any (rather than players).  They may have some they will be willing to sell – the down side there of course is that they may want to keep them for the future. Some folks to ask who I know have repaired Clarks are David Kolacny, Rick Kemper, and Craig Pierpont – and perhaps Howard Bryan.

    You may however find it necessary make them or have them made for you, as several of us have done.  If you have the tools – at simplest a Dremel with metal cutting wheels and several files – you can cut them from brass and stainless steel stock available in most good hardware and hobby stores.  Painfully slow but not too difficult.

    You could of course simply replace them with modern levers, but many would consider that sacrilege.  Although frankly it would make the harp better for performance (and I’d bet that Meredith Clark would have done that himself ha ha).

    Best of fortune,



    patedwards on #195731

    hi I am pat edwards and if you have luck I need 2 levers also thank you

    patedwards on #196461

    Please contact me if you make clark levers or have any… this says there have been 3 responses though I have not seen them what am I doing wrong? please let me know thanks

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