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    unknown-user on #167803

    I’m just working through Clair de Lune for fun, but I’m having a few difficulties concerning
    fingeries from the bottom 2nd page on to the end, left handd. I’m using my mothers piano
    music, because I’m assuming that it’s not much different than a harp edition. Can anyone
    help me how I should do the fingering and/or whether I should get a harp edition instead?

    unknown-user on #167804

    I think you should get the Carlos Salzedo transcription and compare it to the original. It’s very interesting what he did with the left hand, and says something important about what sounds better on the harp. I think it’s the best transcription available, and it’s not expensive. IMS has it, and other dealers should also. It doesn’t have the easiest fingerings, but I have some alternates for the 3rd page if you need, but his can work.

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