"Circle Songs" for Harp on YouTube (by Christoph Pampuch)

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    susanne globisch on #196394

    Dear fellow harpists,

    I am a professional harpist and harp teacher living in Germany. Recently I started to make harp videos of pieces written by Christoph Pampuch, a Swiss-German composer. He writes groovy, calm and simply beautiful music for harp. As a teacher I especially like his “Circle Songs” which can be played with two harps in two voices like a canon or round, but are much longer like the average canon. These pieces are very suitable for teaching because they work as solo pieces as well. So both players learn the same “solo” piece and then can just play it together.

    I recorded the pieces in two voices, sometimes added a bit percussion, collected matching video/foto material and then uploaded it on YouTube. The description under the videos is also in English. So, if you are interested, here is the link to my YouTube channel:


    Have fun listening and playing!

    Susanne Globisch

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