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    j-valentine on #156383

    I am in need of suggestions for a church solo. It is a contemporary very musical church. I am a beginner and had a lever harp for about two years and have just recently bought a pedal harp. I would love to play any of Frank Voltz but will not be confident enough yet or skilled for most of them.

    I just played El Shaddai as a solo for a funeral a few weeks ago and then used Sylvia Woods Hymns for the prelude, the leaving of the family I played Moonrise from the recital pieces by MacDonald ( it sounded heavenly) then used Angi Bemiss/ John Michael Talbot Medley for the postlude.

    I need easy and harpy. I have plenty for background/offering/communion but need something special for a solo.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch.

    Sid Humphreys on #156384


    Don’t have it in front of me, but look up a collection called “Serenade For the Soul.” I think I purchased from Melody’s Music in Houston. But I think L&H

    kreig-kitts on #156385

    Salzedo’s arrangement of “I Wonder as I Wander” is written for pedal harp in C-flat, but it has no pedal changes so you can play it on a lever harp in C if you leave out a couple notes on the bottom and top or take them down/up (they’re played in octaves). It’s not

    Rachel on #156386

    Many of Kathryn Cater’s works are fun, harpy, and just 2 pages long, and her pieces are in all different styles.

    Jessica A on #156387

    sherry-lenox on #156388

    I would use the Salzedo arrangement of “I Wonder As I Wander” in a Lenten service without hesitation. If your pastor would enclose a quarter sheet in the bulletin with a copy of the entire text, your contribution could generate plenty of discussion about the life of Christ.

    I’d do it.

    j-valentine on #156389

    Thank you for all the suggestions.

    These are the ones in the running for the end of April solo.

    Amazing Grace from A Serenade for the Soul by Rhett Barnwell, very lovely book, thank you for the suggestion, there are many more for future solos as I increase in skill.

    Great is Thy Faithfulness from Beside Still Waters by Joanna Mell. Wonderful solos in this book

    Peace Be With You by Frank Voltz (I can’t wait until I can comfortably play more of his)

    Thank you for all your suggestions, I never would have thought of Kathryn Cater or I Wonder as I Wander. I have both of these.

    sherry-lenox on #156390

    As I was thinking about the pieces that were mentioned I remembered an old rule that someone gave me about choosing instrumental pieces for use during worship. The rule was, “Don’t ever play something they can hum”, the point being that if you’re supposed to be doing something for contemplation or setting a mood, the congregation shouldn’t be hearing something they recognize.

    Not really and truly a hard and fast rule, but worth a bit of thought.

    shelby-m on #156391

    I actually like playing pieces in church that I know people will recognize because they will probably be thinking the lyrics while I play, which will make them ponder Christ (or whatever God they worship).

    kreig-kitts on #156392

    For my next church solo, I’m going to play a 25-minute meditation in which I run a spoon across my strings

    Katherine Denler on #156393

    mmmm honey baked ham….nothing says Easter Harp Solo like spiral sliced ham 🙂

    kay-lister on #156394

    NOT funny Kreig!

    K :-(

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