Christmas arrangements for contralto and harp?

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    melissa-gallant on #147124

    I’m working with a singer to put together a holiday program. She prefers to sing in keys lower than standard Christmas carol/song arrangements. Does anyone have suggestions of sheet music I could get? The thought of transposing everything as well as arranging the tunes to have a jazzy feel similar to Ray Pool’s solo versions is starting to feel like a daunting task. Thanks for your suggestions!

    patricia-jaeger on #147125

    It seems to me I have read that some computer-based music notation software programs have the ability to transpose a work into a different key, before printing it out.

    barbara-brundage on #147126

    > You may first need to have scanned the work in

    While musical OCR is getting better, it’s still usually just as quick to type it in yourself as to make all the necessary corrections after scanning.

    I don’t know of any computer based music program (except some of the free/very cheap ones) that doesn’t transpose.

    Wendy Muston on #147127

    Hi Melissa.

    A few years ago we transposed a B flat Clarinet part to C flute at the Butler University music lab. Give me a call and we’ll talk. There were not many corrections necessary. Those that needed to be corrected were mostly octave changes and a few technical changes caused by going from Clarinet to Flute.


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