Christina 25 in E flat?

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    hannah-roberts on #78118

    Anyone tune their Christina 25 in E flat?
    I’ve tried mine in E flat twice after regulation and it seems to strain the sound, even though it has Camac levers.
    I’m considering regulating it myself and trying again, but thought I’d see if anyone else tunes theirs in E flat and is happy with the sound before I put the time in on it.
    Thanks so much in advance!

    jennifer-buehler on #78119

    I do tune mine in E flat and have had it regulated but…My theory is that because it’s so light weight that there’s probably some warpage of the neck and pillar. It’s not so much that the levers deaden the sound as it is that there are some that are just plain out of tune. I also have an older harp with out the threaded bridge pins.

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