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    Ruth Mar on #167755

    Does anyone know if there are any Christian colleges that have good
    harp programs?

    unknown-user on #167756

    Hey Ruth! I think Pensacola Christian College has a harp program, but Im not sure. Pensacola is in North Florida. Well, if you find another christian college that has a harp program, let me know.

    M D on #167757

    I know that St. Olaf College in Minnesota has a harp program.

    unknown-user on #167758


    If there is a school you really want to go to and a good harp teacher nearby, you might ask the school if they’d be willing to start a harp program just for you. I was asked to teach an incoming student at Imaculata College, in Pennsylvania, this fall. They didn’t have a harp program in place, but the school went out of their way to find her a teacher and they are even renting a harp just for her. Don’t rule out a school just because they don’t currently have a program. You may be able to start something.

    Joyce White on #167759

    Furman in S.C. has a solid music program, and the harp teacher Anita Burroughs-Price is warm, friendly, and an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher; she has a Master’s in Harp Performance from Yale, studied with Marisa Robles in London at the Royal College of Music,

    unknown-user on #167760

    Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma has had a harp program of which I have been the instructor for over 12 years.

    unknown-user on #167761


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