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    barbara-brundage on #163450

    Your remote location does not matter for renting (unless you are remote as in outside the US). Virginia Harp Center (and probably all the other harp stores) will ship a rental harp. It just means a shipping charge you would avoid if you could go to the store to pick it up. For my students in FL, it’s about $50 to ship a harp from VA.

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    Thanks for the lead.

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    Dear Marcia

    I would reccomend a Ravenna 26, which should do everything you need, and is one that most rental people have. Classical can have some problems with accidentals in the score

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163453

    Marcia, check out the Virginia Harp Center (call them) or the Harp Connection. Both do rentals that are not limited to one state. I wouldn’t suggest a particular model to you because my taste will not be the same as yours. Most of the less expensive harps I have played have a

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    Thank you, Christine, for your comments and insight, and especially for your graceful good wishes.

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    If you’re like the rest of us posting on this board, you will love the harp–the “journey into the strings.” And since you already have some music background, you’re off to a good start.

    I started lessons a year ago. First, I rented a lever harp (Lyon Healy Troubador) from my teacher.

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    Hello, Briggsie – thanks for your comments.

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    tony-morosco on #163458

    I think the advice given so far is all very good. But there was something in your post that jumped out at me and I just had to comment on.

    Although I do think that renting at first is an excellent idea I think so because it lets you try a particular harp before you invest that money in it so you know it is the harp you want. But what you said I have to disagree with. You said:

    “Until I prove myself worthy of the instrument,”

    You are worthy. The harp is an inanimate object, it doesn’t judge you. And the opinions of others are irrelevant. All that matters is what you think.

    There is no such thing as being unworthy of an instrument. All that matters is if you want to play it or not. If you do and you can afford it then you are as worthy as anyone no matter how accomplished they are compared to you.

    So please do rent at first. But decide to buy based on when you decide you have found the harp for you and don’t wait for some sense of worthiness. Accept that you are worthy now just by virtue of wanting to do this.

    joann-buice on #163459

    I noted that Barbara B.

    unknown-user on #163460

    If you are wanting to play a large amount of popular music, then I would suggest getting a double harp of some sort, so you have some chromatic notes available for those tricky chord progressions.

    jan-fetty on #163461


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