Choosing a new lever harp for child…new advice

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    Annie Leon on #157447

    My 9 year old daughter has been playing lever harp for almost three years now. She plays Celtic music exclusively. We are ready to purchase a new harp as the one she has now was an older, used one. So we went to look at some today. We narrowed today’s search down to the Camac Aziliz and the Camac Hermine. Can I have some opinions on both? She liked the Hermine better with regards to the sound and the feel. We will also be considering a Sligo Luchair…again any opinions? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #157448

    Where do you live?

    Annie Leon on #157449

    We live in the US-east coast, if that helps.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #157450

    We are in Australia so probably not the best advisors for your locality but isnt the Somerset festival held on your side of the country?

    shelby-m on #157451

    I live in NH.

    Eliska T on #157452

    I agree with Shelby that the Harp Connection in MA is fantastic (rented my first harp from them, and their customer service is stellar) – but if you’re looking for a Camac or a Sligo, be warned that they don’t tend to carry either brand. From what I’ve seen, they carry only the “big names” – L&H, Salvi, Dusty Strings, Triplett, and Wm Rees.

    As far as the Camacs go, I love my Aziliz, but have never played a Hermine, so can’t really offer a comparison. If your daughter prefers one over the other, that’s the best opinion you can get. In my experience, Camacs are generally very well-made, and I know at least two professional Celtic harpists that own & play Camac lever harps.

    HBrock25 on #157453

    I just bought camac hermine for my 7 and 9 years old girls. And they love it very much. The sound is nice and the size is perfect for them.

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