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    I am hoping to sell my Blevinsong 34 to purchase another harp – the Blevinsong is lovely but I am finding that the dynamic range is not very good. Do you have any views on these harps?
    – Used Dusty Strings FH32 – beautiful harp but not sure if it is too bright in tone for me
    – Musicmakers Voyageur
    – Stoney End Marion
    – Used Dragonheart from Heartland Harps
    – Another Era Lutherie 32 String Irish Harp
    – Lyon and Healy Folk Harp (older model – wonder if the string tension will be a bit high for me, though, since I’ve heard there’s quite a difference between L&H and Blevins)

    I would love to hear any feedback at all! Thanks so much for your time.


    Try them all, see which one you like! There is no substitute for bonding with a harp face to face. (I can’t stand L&Hs and the dusty FH series is my personal dream…so it’s all entirely subjective…!)


    There are hardly any harps where I live though, so have to order online. Wish I could try them all! 🙂


    Hmmm…are there any you could try, though? It’s tricky when you know you want something particular because you might not get it if you order online.

    Out of the two on that list I’ve tried, the FH dynamic range is spectacular but it is a very bright sound, moreover, the brightness does vary from harp to harp so where one FH might be too bright another might not. The closest other harps in sound to these are the Salvi ones, if you’ve ever tried one of those.

    The LH I would describe as high tension, dull sound. Many people adore them though (“mellow” if I was being nice:) No idea what a Blevins is like, they don’t import them here.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of trying though. Maybe there are other harpists on your area that might have some of these?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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