Choosing a Cross-Strung Harp

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    william-weber on #75972

    To replace my slowly disintegrating Mid-0East Caitlin I am looking at the Blevins Xythara, their smallest X-harp, and the Stoney End Rebecca, a small floor harp they seem to have added recently. The Xythara would cost about $200 more and the wait for it would be about three months, while the Rebecca would take about four weeks and is also available unfinished. The Xythara is from a luthier whose work I know firsthand and is of a form factor I could curl up with, though I think many serious harpists among the readers might want to remind me a harp is not a guitar.


    mary-dicken on #75973

    I own a Stoney End Rebecca and love it. Mine was actually their prototype model, and I know they’ve made a few adjustments/improvements since. I also own a Blevins lever harp (not a cross-strung), and think highly of their harps. Are you on the Harpers Crossing email list (yahoo groups)? If not, you should join and put your inquiry out to them…it’s a knowledgeable group of cross-strung players that could give you more insight into these two models.

    herb-sprouse on #75974

    William, I was just preparing a classified ad for my Xythara in walnut, with stand and case. Let me now if you are interested. I have a Xena and am not playing both.

    william-weber on #75975

    Thank you, Herb. I should have waited longer before sending a deposit in to Blevins Instruments for a new Xythara! What are you asking for it? How far from Boston are you, for shipping purposes?

    herb-sprouse on #75976

    William, since I’ve just installed a new e-mail program, I’m just double checking to be certain that you received my message. Thanks.

    william-weber on #75977

    My new Xythara has arrived. The workmanship is the same thorough job as with my Melody 26. It seems to take some time seasoning, though. Those who like the photo of this cross on the Blevins web site, note this: while the photo shows round corners with a flat section in between, making it fairly easy to handle while tuning it, the design has silently been changed. The new Xythara has one big curve on the bottom, Paraguayan style, so it rolls around when held on the floor for tuning, and needs to be steadied with legs, feet, or whatever. Maybe Blevins wanted to sell more stands?

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