Chichestershire Psalms (Reduction Version)

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    David Ice on #150679

    I’m sure somebody has posted about this before, but I can’t find the search section for posts….

    I’ve been asked to do the Bernstein CHICHESTER PSALMS, the reduction with (I believe, Organ, Harp, and Percussion) in April.

    laura-smithburg-byrne on #150680

    It’s great that you have already performed it before so it will be in your ear as you prepare it. You will need to get busy on the first movement. The “Allegro Molto” at 10 is fast at tempo, and the whole section up to 65 can be tricky with the pedals. At measures 83 – 100 it also gets a bit tricky, best to memorize it so you can watch the conductor. The second movement is beautiful writing but it is exposed and you have to work very closely with the soloist. Careful of your pedals here – so you don’t jam up the soloist with the wrong harmony. Measures 90-100 are tricky if your eyes are on the page, I would memorize it so you can watch the conductor. The third movement is pretty straight forward as long as you are comfortable counting to 10, 32-36 are critical – watch your pedals! I hope you have a great organist and percussionist, because you will be depending on each other. It also helps if you have a good conductor! : )
    Being an experienced orchestral harpist I am sure you will be just fine.
    You still have lots of time, good luck!

    David Ice on #150681

    Tons ‘o thanks, Laura!!! Now, to just get my hands on the part…..

    Dave Ice

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #150682

    Hi, David! In the second movement, I start with the pedals set as D#, C, B, E, F#, G, A. At bar 37, I changed the A flat to a G# to avoid going from A# to Ab. In bar 40, I took the last C of the bass clef in the right hand instead. In the Allegro feroce section, depending on how feroce it gets, it’s possible to sneak in Fb enharmonics from bar 93-100, but then you have to keep switching back and forth to natural.

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