Chichester Psalms illegible orchestra harp parts

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #215836

    We’re playing a Bernstein festival right now, and I have to vent about the terrible quality of the rental parts for Chichester Psalms. Staff lines were illegible, notes appeared to be floating in space, and many notes were drawn so that it was impossible to tell if they were on a line or a space. One page looked like someone had smudged it with with wet ink on a different page. The whole page had “ghost” notes and squiggles on top of everything. Luckily, I had made my own part some years ago, but only for the 1st harp part. I had to go over the second harpist’s part, filling in staff lines and clarifying illegible notes, and whiting out all the ghost scribbles. If you ever get rental parts like these, please complain to your librarian and hopefully, the librarians will make enough of a stink that this will stop happening. It’s hard enough without adding illegibility into the mix! Oh, and TERRIBLE page turns.

    Sylvia on #215844

    I actually bought CP many years ago. Mine shows both 1 & 2 on each page. I wish you had said something. Maybe I could have helped.
    I don’t remember where I ordered it from, but it’s the real thing. Anyone w/enough time should buy it. It really helps to see both parts together. And yes, the page turns are pretty drastic.

    Alison on #215874

    I have played 2nd before, I think you’ll fnd many OUP scores were updated and handwritten for some reason, so it’s not just me who finds them ambiguous sometimes. Can I help, I could dig out the part ?

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