Chicago Concertino vs Chicago CG

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    katherine55 on #216203

    I’m looking to purchase a pedal harp and I was wondering what the differences were between the Lyon and Healy Chicago Concertino, and the Lyon and Healy Chicago CG. I know the CG is a little bigger in size, but which one would be better if I hope to play in orchestras and compete in competitions?

    Thank you so much!

    charles-nix on #216213

    If that is your goal–the harp you want is the one that you love
    to play/practice on–whether that harp be old, new, lever, pedal, small, or large. If you don’t love it, it will be that much more challenging to practice. Harps sound different. “Identical” new harps sound different–and they will change further as they age.

    You also need to be able to reach all the strings and pedals–AND to be able to move it by yourself. If you are small, or young right now, and can’t move a CG or reach to play it, what you may need in the future is a moot point.

    This harp is unlikely to be the last you will ever own because your musical needs and ability will change.

    What does your teacher suggest?

    Charles Nix

    balfour-knight on #216217

    This is just MY opinion, but I have never been thrilled with the Chicago line of pedal harps. I thought the 85 series was much superior!

    balfour-knight on #216231

    HL, I may have seemed a bit impatient and opinionated there, but I realize that part of what you are dealing with is the price of the harps. I looked up the Chicago Concertino and the CG and found that the CG is $1000. more expensive than the Concertino, definitely worth noting on maybe a limited budget. If it were me, I would test-drive (or test-play!) both models to find out the one that spoke to me and choose that harp. Also, try out the 85 and maybe the L&H 30 or 100, both of which are very nice harps.

    Hope this helps!
    Best wishes in making your decision,

    brook-boddie on #216248

    H L,

    I must echo what Balfour said. The Chicago harps are priced lower than the 85’s, 100’s, etc. for a reason. In my experience, the sound is not nearly as good on the Chicago harps. However, as Balfour said, sometimes financial circumstances limit us. If at all possible, I’d encourage you to try out whatever harp you’d like to buy before you get it. Best of luck to you, and if you do get a Chicago, I hope it turns out to be a great harp!

    balfour-knight on #216250

    Thanks so much, Brook, my friend! Happy Easter!

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