Chicago Concertino Extended on sale at Lyon & Healy

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    lyle-laturno on #189305

    The Chicago Concertino Extended harp is now on sale at L & H. It has a price reduction of $2,250. Was $15,500 and now $12,950. If you are playing this harp what is your evaluation?
    Thanks, Lyle Laturno

    balfour-knight on #189366

    Sorry, Lyle, I have only played a Chicago Concert Grand, not a Concertino. The CG was a very nice harp, especially for the price, with a smooth, even tone throughout the range. The Concertino is a very nice size, more like my 85GP, but with all 47 strings instead of 44. I hope someone else will reply and share their thoughts!

    Best wishes,

    Emily Granger on #189374

    Hi Lyle! I have 2 students with the Concertino and also have one at one of the schools I teach at. These are great harps for beginning – intermediate harp students, but I cannot recommend for a professional harpist. The price is incredible and makes it possible for a lot of students to own a pedal harp.

    renaissancemanohio on #194842

    Emily, any thoughts on the Chicago Concert Grand Extended?

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