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    alexander-rider on #167651

    Hey y’all, I have something you might all like, its

    keziah-thomas on #167652

    Hi Alex,
    I got my copy at last…..and I love it!!!! Been emailing all my harp buddies to buy it too. Think me and you should be her UK distributors or a least get free concert tickets?!! I’m really enjoying her crazy poetry and especially the non-harpy harp playing. I think most people would imagine harp and voice to be folky new-age wishy washy but it’s really funky and rhythmical. Lovin’ It!!!!!

    alexander-rider on #167653

    S’brill ain’t it? she’s abit of a genius, especially since I fully intend to be a bit of an “indie” harpist. ;)(first band thang/recording on friday baby).Its hard coz I always sang with the harp (folk, own stuff etc.) now I would be afraid to go into it to risk comparison…Oh well looks like I’ll just have to make do with a major symphony orchestra *sigh*

    keziah-thomas on #167654

    Flattery will get you everywhere!!!! But I’m not the one with the ????’s!! Wish I was more funky too, but unfortunately I’m not blessed with such an interesting voice as Joanna. However YOU should def go for it especially if you add some other instruments -maybe a bit less acoustic could be good? Let me know how your recording goes…..

    alexander-rider on #167655

    The recording went really excellently. Me pal had all the gear in his room, and it was a just a case of me improvising until we found something we liked. We did this really cool thing where I played one thing then another and they overdubbed it. So the instrumental sounded really good anyway and I’m gonna get a copy of the finished track soon.It was nice harp-playing if I do say so myself, picky and modern, but not gagging on its own prettiness. Wow! my 1st job as a sessions harpist! Excitedly yours, Alex

    unknown-user on #167656

    I finally heard some Joanna Newsom. I was in an art supply store and they were playing a tape. Her harp playing was very interesting, very creative and musical. Her voice was worse than Phoebe on “Friends”. And the lyrics: chew and chew and chew and chew

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