Cheap pedal harp?

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    unknown-user on #159689

    Hi guys, I’m a fairly advanced cellist and thought I’d like to try something new, so I’ve been looking at some harps to try to pick up. From what i’ve read a pedal harp is the kind of thing i’d want. Thing is, whenever I look at some online they all cost at least $10,000 :). So I was wondering if any of you more experienced harpists have any idea about a cheap pedal harp for a beginner? I could always go lever, I mean i don’t mind, but pedal harp just seems cool for like classical and stuff. Thanks a lot!!

    dawn-penland on #159690

    Hi John,

    I started playing the cello when I was 10, then took up the harp at age 11.

    Tacye on #159691

    It is quite easy to get a pedal harp for under $10 000- second hand 40 or 41 string instrument seem to be relatively easily available.

    unknown-user on #159692

    Hi, thanks for the advice. At the moment I have a $2000 cello, which is pretty good quality. I’d like to try to get a harp for under that. My very first cellos I rented from my teacher, but the first one I owned was $1400, it was more of a student/beginner’s cello i suppose. Would you say that this is essentially the price range for used harps as well?

    dawn-penland on #159693

    You could find a used lever harp in that price range.

    tony-morosco on #159694

    I’m sorry but you are not going to find a playable pedal harp for $2,000.

    around $10,000 is the average for the least expensive, decent, new pedal harps.

    If you want something cheaper than that you have to buy used, but even then you are not going to find a pedal harp for under $2,000 that is playable. Perhaps something that needs LOTS of repairs and work but isn’t playable without it.

    michael-rockowitz on #159695


    There’s always the cross strung – far cheaper and lighter than any pedal harp, and you can play in any any key, far more efficiently than you can with any harp with levers!

    jennifer-byrne on #159696

    I agree with the idea of renting a harp first just to make sure it is going to stick.

    Ian McVoy on #159697

    I have a twenty year old L&H style 85 CG and at $10,000, we got a deal.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #159698

    I don’t think you realize. $2,000 for a cello is nothing.

    unknown-user on #159699

    Hey, I’m no Janos Starker. I don’t claim to own a Stradivarius. but it’s good enough for my needs by a lot, especially considering my budget, i don’t have 10,000 dollars to set aside.

    dawn-penland on #159700

    It’s hard to come up with money for instruments.

    katerina on #159701

    Pedal harps… and why not to get an Italian baroque triple? The technic is different from pedal harps, but the triple is absolutely chromatic and has lots of possibilities. I play one, the first touch made me giving up the lever and pedal harps forever. :-) Amazing instrument…

    kreig-kitts on #159702

    Yes, $2,000 for a cello is nothing compared to old instruments or those from well-known makers, but it can

    andy-b on #159703

    I agree with those who have suggested starting with a lever harp. You then also have the option of going with something more like a folk harp in sound and appearance, or a harp like the Salvi Ana,

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