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    Hello i asked before this question and got no answer, why we dont have here a chatting rooms for every member online, as not every member have username on yahoo or Msn, it will be really a very sweet idea, i dont know maybe its diffecult technically, but hope strongly to make it true, ohhhh can you imagine if we can have chatting


    Mr. S.:

    I don’t know the answer other than it does require additional technology for a site to have chat capability. Some people post videos on youtube, which offers a chance to see/hear others play.


    Rod C.


    A chatting option: facebook.

    Leigh Griffith

    If it goes to Facebook or Myspace or Twitter or any of those types of sites, I will never see it because I refuse to go there. I would participate here as I do with our chapter website, but not one of those big sites where phishers lurk.


    i agree with you Leigh , il love this site and will never go to another sites, i have loyality to this site,and wish to see a chat service one day


    Hi everyone! I’m glad to know so many people are fans of! We are currently trying to make some improvements to the site, including more online content. Chat is something that is more difficult to implement, so I’m sorry to say you probably will not see it in the near future. However, we will keep it on the list and look for a way to do it down the road.

    Thanks for your input to



    Hi Kim and God bless you all, you do a great job here, but please if chatting is impossible in the near future , what about attatchment, some times asking about some music and want to include examples, but i cant find the way to do it , i asked a lot before of how can i add attachment and got no reasonable answer, and emoctions please.

    best wishies

    Kari Q

    Hi Mr. S,

    I have seen a Harp chat room here, but there is never anyone in there. So far this is the only one I have found.


    Hi Kari, i tried the harpgigs chat but there is a problem in the java , so couldnt inter the chat,i think this site is neglected ,and know body know about it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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