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    Elizabeth L

    The girl was asked to play, and she feels confident and competent.


    For 1 hr background music, I chg $200.00.

    Sylvia Clark

    Where I live, I would charge $250 for the two hours for a dinner music gig.

    2 hours – 250.00 plus extra 25.00 to 50.00 if the venue has difficult access or I need to use their valet parking – some of the hotels and restaurants in downtown San Antonio are a nightmare to get a harp and equipment in and out and I need to allow substantial extra time to be ready on time.


    Thank you Onita – right on!! Really, I wasn’t going to reply, but Saul’s ridiculous remark regarding 4 yrs. not


    Thank you so much for your kind words. I think all


    Right on, M. Elizabeth!

    I have

    Amy Wilson

    Who is Seth? Do you mean Saul Davis?



    Yeah….Saul…..sorry. I am on pain meds from yesterday’s oral surgery. My bad.

    Jessica A

    This thread is pretty old from last year, but it’s a good topic and has brought up interesting ideas.


    I have a funny story that I hope encourages you. I was just a kiddo (maybe 14) when my harp teacher had to turn down a gig, but offered it to her young student (me!) for the experience. She had no idea what she was getting me into. I lived in Iowa at the time, a very political state for certain. It turns out that this event was a party for the first female to be elected to national office. I showed up with my lever harp (didn’t own a pedal then) and my folding stand, only to be greeted by TV cameras and put in the middle of a a HUGE room to play. It’s a wonder anyone heard me. They only stopped me when the host of the event made welcoming remarks…via satellite…because the host was Pres. Bush Senior. He was scheduled to be there in person, but was on the campaign trail for his son, and couldn’t make it.

    After the cocktail party, this wide-eyed kid rode the elevator with the then governor who looked me in the eye, congratulated me on a job well done, and told me I was a young asset. I’ll never forget it.

    I was incredibly unprepared for that “caliber” of event. I didn’t even have the right equipment. But, I’ll never forget being given that chance. I’m sure no one was blown away by the music at that time, but I learned SOOOO much from it.

    Bottom line, do the gig!

    P.S I’m in Seattle now, and hope to meet you soon!

    David Ice

    Wow….that’s a great story!


    David, it was ridiculous! I’m playing my little recital pieces, and suddenly a bright light is in my face and I look through the strings to see a cameraman kneeling down, getting the “harpist through the strings” shot. My parents let me stay up late to see myself on the local news. That was the biggest highlight for me back then…forget the politicians! :-)

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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