Chaplin’s Gold Rush and City Life: looking for harp parts

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    HBrock25 on #145498

    Does anybody have the harp parts of the soundtrack of these two movies? I need to play them in September and would love to see them.

    Thank you!!!


    Laura Caramellino on #145499

    Sorry, the second movie is City Lights, not City Life…


    David Ice on #145500

    Wow…I didn’t know those were available! I know that for the reconstructions of the soundtrack recordings it was a nightmare….literally bars had been pasted over bars, and the tape had dried and these little bits of score were all loose and it was like trying to fit together an enormous jigsaw puzzle…..i.e is this a violin part or the the oboe? Piano or harp? I’m glad to know it was published!

    Does anybody know who played them for the originals? I know Stella Castelucci (sp?) was on LIMELIGHT and it was one of her first, if not THE first, soundtracks she recorded.

    Laura Caramellino on #145501

    Thank you for your replies! I know they are rental parts, but I was wondering if there are any excerpts around: the harp part in Gold Rush seems quite wide, from what I can hear on YouTube, and it would be nice for me to have a look at it somehow in advance…

    Did somebody play them recently and can give me any useful infos?

    Thank you!


    marguerite-lynn-williams on #145502

    I played Gold Rush a few years back. I would suggest buddying up to your friendly librarian and find out the minute the scores arrive. It was a ton of notes and quite exposed a lot of the time. On top of that, it moves fast!

    I didn’t copy it because the book was quite thick and I figured I would never see it again….sorry.


    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #145503

    We are doing City Lights in October, Laura! Maybe I will get a part with your markings in them. Put in lots of cues for me! :-)

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