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    poetic harpist on #215573

    Do any of you chant or meditate? Or do something along similar lines like tapping meridian points, or rubbing gems or crystals? Or acupuncture even?

    Sherry Van on #223867

    I am in a meditation program in a phone app, because I know I am not kind of the person who is self-discipline. I have been practicing every day before I sleep for about a month, Emm, I have better sleep hour so it seems working great to improving sleep. It also increasing focus. If you have any stress or sleep problem, I would recommend you use essential oil diffuser. By the way, I am going to try acupuncture too, I would share what the experience is to do the acupuncture.

    naisha on #223918

    I don’t usually meditate, but I really like to listen to relaxing and soothing music or nature sounds on the background before sleep, while reading or actually at this moment while I read some stuff on the net. It really makes me feel very calm. Especially the music by Peder B. Helland on youtube. I also like to play some relaxing music on my ukulele (I usually play that style more than the typical happy strummings you can usually listen on ukes). I also practise chi kung from time to time, it makes me relax and stretch my body, which feels very nice (I wonder why I don’t do it more often). If I feel very nervous I know some techniques, like tapping between your eyes, but I don’t do it since college. I guess I don’t feel that stressed in my daily life.
    What about you, poetic harpist?

    Biagio on #223951

    It has been shown that one learns and retains more when relaxed – that so called Alpha brain wave state. Whatever works for you depending on your experience and proclivities: meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, crystal rubbing for those so inclined, or simply visualizing the score – whatever.

    Just don’t do a hard physical workout or focus on personal problems.

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