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    janet-daugherty on #151005

    Does anyone know of a reason I cannot change my 36 string camac electroharp from A to A stringing to C to C? it would be a pain but the biggest challenge would be that the leavers are tinted for the C’s and F’s.

    tony-morosco on #151006

    You might want to contact them first. Typically, with a regular

    janet-daugherty on #151007

    Thank you Tony, I will check with Camac.. too bad I don’t speak French!!. Seriously, that is EXACTLY the kind of answer I was looking for. I just don’t want to hurt the harps structure.

    andy-b on #151008

    Hi, Janet:

    I’ve emailed Camac from their website with questions and was answered back in English, so it’s not a problem. They are extremely nice to work with.


    janet-daugherty on #151009

    Thank you Andy, I guess I’ll go ahead now and see what happens!

    tony-morosco on #151010

    Jakez Francois over at Camac speaks English very well. The first time I ever emailed them about something I was a bit surprised to get an answer back directly from the head guy, but that’s how they roll over there. A great bunch of people.

    So don’t worry, language won’t be a barrier.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #151011

    Eric at Camac does too. I think his last name is Pirot, but I’m not sure. He’s a great guy. He showed me how to properly use the doo-hickey for regulation.


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