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    unknown-user on #164073

    Do you mean to enter the RAM?

    rod-anderson on #164074

    You should probably go to the ABRSM site –

    rod-c on #164070

    I just ran across a short video on the home page of Tripplet Harps (listed on the “Advertisers” page on this web site). The video shows how to tie a knot in a string when changing strings.

    Audrey Nickel on #164071

    That’s handy!


    Seoid OC on #164075

    If you want to take the exam then all the information necessary (including repertoire lists) should be on the ABRSM link above.

    barbara-low on #164072

    If you’re stringing a pedal harp, or any harp with larger eyelets than Triplett harps, don’t forget to put in a string anchor starting at middle C and on up or your string knot will get stuck in the eyelet. It’s not much fun trying to get it out after it’s really lodged in there.


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