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    HBrock25 on #157307


    I’m an intermediate harpist (think Debussy’s Girl with the Flaxen Hair/First Arabesque) in college. I’m looking for some music to play next semester with non-harpist friends, probably during a harp ensemble concert. Specifically, I’d like to find harp duos/trios with flute and/or viola. Any suggestions? Oh, and you can include Christmas music, since it will be around that time of year.

    Thanks for any help!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #157308

    There’s a very pretty Intermezzo for Flute and Harp by Michael Conway Baker, which is intermediate level. Your flute-playing friends probably all have books of repertoire with piano parts, and many will work on the harp. Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Gluck works well. The Meditation from Thaîs by Massanet is for harp and violin, but can be done on flute. Bizet’s Intermezzo from Carmen is for flute and harp. If you google flute and harp or look for it on Youtube you will probably get many ideas.

    m-l-mcneel on #157309

    If you have another harpist, as well as a flutist and a cellist, Ken Gist has a lovely arrangement of “In the Bleak Midwinter.”

    patricia-jaeger on #157310

    Herald Music publications, sold in many harp music stores, include three “With a Friend” collections: Familiar Hymns, Twenty Carols, and Folk Harp. There are also several duets for harp with flute or violin, including the Argentine tango by Carlos Gardel, Por Una Cabeza; O Holy Night by Adolphe Adam, and others. For your own printed and illustrated catalog you can e-mail me privately.

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