CG Electric Harp Professional Performers Unite!

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    alyssa-michalsky on #150435

    Hello Professional CG Electric Harpists and the Harp Community!

    I am putting out a message to get into contact with all of the professional performing/gigging classical University trained harpists who have chosen to have a career with the Electric harp playing contemporary music for performances and gigs. This includes covers and your own high level arrangements.

    My name is Alyssa Michalsky I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree with Judy Loman at the University of Toronto. I currently run my own private music studio with 25 students and I perform at the elite weddings and events around the Hamilton Toronto area here in Ontario, Canada.

    My first CG was the pure L&H Electric. I have just purchased the CG ElectroAcoustic for a backup. I have always played on the Electric – even throughout University! My forte is playing contemporary music, upbeat, jazz and traditional classics with covers that are all arranged by myself on my CG Electric Harp.

    I have spent the last forever searching the internet for Harpists’ websites that also do the same thing as I do with the Electric harp, but have been unable to find anyone in the US. There are two of us here in Ontario that have this specialty.

    I would ask that anyone who plays a CG Electric professionally as a gigging musician with high level classical training, to please post your website addresses here for all to see.

    My next venture is to make the US aware of the Harp scene here in Canada and especially what is being done with the Electric harp. I would love to have contact with others who are doing what I am doing – I know you’re out there! It would be great to share the developments of the Electric contemporary harp scene and see what people are doing in different parts of the world 🙂

    If you would like to contact me personally, my website is and my email is

    CG Electric Harpists UNITE!!

    Alyssa Michalsky

    B.Mus, B.Ed, MMus

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