Ceremony of Carols Balulalow

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    maria-jacobsson on #61286

    Could anyone suggest a good fingering for the right hand? Thanks!

    brian-noel on #61287

    counts 1 and 2: 1/3 1/4, count 3 1RH 1LH, count 4 and 5 2RH 2LH, count 6 3RH 3LH, etc… Also at “I sall rock thee to my heart”, get some of those notes with the LH (count 2, etc…) by placing the A on count two RH with LH 1, and follow that pattern.. I hope that makes sense. These are Marjorie Call’s markings and they make the movement a lot easier to play.

    carl-swanson on #61288

    I always played that 1/3 2/4, then shift hand position and do the same thing again.

    kimberly-rowe on #61289

    Hi everyone! Just a reminder to tag names of pieces in posts like this: @[[ceremony-of-carols:Piece:Ceremony of Carols (Britten, Benjamin)]], that way your forum question will be attached to the piece and people can easily see it if they have the same question. To tag a piece, just type the @ symbol and then begin typing the name of the piece.

    My preferred fingering is 1/3 2/4 on beats 1 and 2 and 5 and 6, and using the left hand for the bottom notes on beats 3 and 4.

    Madeline Blood on #61290

    1/3 2/4 1/3 2/4!

    Alison Reese on #61291

    Another vote for 1/3, 2/4, repeat…

    maria-jacobsson on #61292

    Wow! Thanks for all the comments! I am going to try all of them to see what works best for me.
    Thanks again!

    David Ice on #61293

    Email me…..I have a pdf file of my fingering/reworkings.
    David Ice

    Alison on #61294

    All RH – I can manage Bulalulow if I don’t force myself to do 1/3 2/4 all the time which was too difficult and I just gave up. Accomplished players do 1/3 2/4 throughout I notice, so perhaps it takes time to achieve this.

    B Y on #61295

    I vote 1/3, 2/4 throughout, but have to use lots of wrist to get it going…fast enough. @[[britten-s-ceremony-of-carols:Performance:Britten’s Ceremony of Carols]]

    Alison on #61296

    I can’t believe it, there’s an ‘aha’ moment with this…. you have to get to know it first, then start looking at the right hand, articulate 1/3 properly and then lo and behold (like Christmas again) your 2/4 easily places on the next chord before 1/3 again and overall less tiring on your brain, eyes and thumb; you get that split-second feeling of time, control and security. Occasional bars can be fingered differently, but the 1/3 2/4 becomes reliable and more relaxed, once you have learnt and understood the RH syntax.

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