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    Marianne Lin on #224054

    Hi all,
    I am considering purchasing a used 20 year old Salvi lever harp. The asking price is ridiculously low so I went to look at it and found a fissure along the soundboard (along the strip- see photos) as well as some damage from the harp falling over it seems like. Is this something I can disregard or will this cause me trouble in the future? Thank you for your opinions!

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    Marianne Lin on #224055

    Here are the photos

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    talfryn on #224061

    Hello Marianne, your photos didn’t get posted. Please be careful, most problems can be rectified, but repairs can be costly depending on the problem, the general advice is that “if the price looks too good to be true it probably isn’t a good idea” but please try again to post again.

    wil-weten on #224062

    I can’t see any photos, but a fissure in a Salvi lever harp along the soundboard is a real reason to fear a need for an expensive repair (like a new soundboard) in the near future.

    And if the harp has indeed fallen over, there may be some considerable, but still invisable damage that will manifest itself in the future.

    Biagio on #224070

    If you mean a crack along the liner running up one or the other side that would be a definite negative unless the price is very low and you e who could replace the sound board. That in itself is not expensive in terms of materials but the labor cost could be prohibitive. Figure on about $200 US for a new SB but perhaps up to $1000 labor.

    If the damage from it seemingly falling over is simply cosmetic, that is not a big deal.

    Sometimes though you really do find a great deal. One person I know recently bought a 40 year old Triplett Axline in excellent condition for $200; with fleece lined case, spare strings and more. She will give it feet (about $35) which the old Axlines did not have for increased stability, and as long as she is OK with blades that’s a great bargain. Those could be replaced with the smallest Truitt lever bases at a net cost of zero assuming she sells those blades.


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