Carmen Danse Boheme?

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    Lydia Michel on #149930

    Hello Everyone!

    diane-michaels on #149931

    I can’t offer up that answer at the moment, but it is the final movement of the 2nd Carmen Suite.

    Tacye on #149932

    Is it the one in the scene in the Inn?

    Lydia Michel on #149933

    That I don’t know—- all I’ve been told

    paul-knoke on #149934

    Here’s a link to the complete score, if that will help. Really, though, don’t worry about it. It’s not a difficult harp part (though it does move right along), the ensemble aspect is clear, and most of it is well enough submerged in the rest of the orchestra that you can simplify it. The most important thing is to be familiar enough with it to be able to watch the conductor for the tempo changes and accelerandi.,_Georges)

    r-pista on #149935

    Have you listened the opera yet??!!
    Ok, I’ll make it easy for you; it is the second number in the 2nd Act, directly after the “Entr’acte”.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #149936

    It is easy, but very exposed, so I am EXTRA careful with the tuning for this one. I also use some enharmonics (such as G flat instead of F#) to get rid of some of the pedal changes.

    Lydia Michel on #149937

    Yes and no—- we’re not doing the whole opera, just about five or so excerpts. I listened to

    Lydia Michel on #149938

    Thanks for the tip– I’ll check it out 🙂

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