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    unknown-user on #162795

    I love the sound of Vincenzo Zitello (Italy) and Alan Stivell’s harps( France). Both play customized Camac harps with carbon fiber strings. I am revamping one of my harps and I would love to restring it with carbon fiber strings. Does enyone know where I can purchase the carbon strings? Thank you for your help. Vincenzo.

    bernhard-schmidt on #162796

    Stivell is not playing a customized Camac harp. It’s

    unknown-user on #162797

    In my opinion, you will do much better with gut and nylon strings. Having tried them recently on a familiar harp, I found that they are muted in quality.

    zoraida-avila on #162798

    Salvi has a Celtic harp with carbon fiber strings (Donegal). They themselves commercialize the strings, you can look at it in Salvi’s web.

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