Carbon Fiber Pedal Harp

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    jujubee on #217065

    I am looking for opinions on the Heartland Starlight pedal harp. I am interested in knowing how it projects in comparison to the more trusted Lyon and Healy or Camac pedal harps. I would assume that it has its limitations that in theory is made up by possible amplification. Does anyone have experience playing this harp – or have they tried it and have comments? Thanks!

    Gretchen Cover on #217066

    I tried one. Once. That was once enough. Barely sounded like a harp and felt unbalanced. Try one for yourself.

    David Kitamura on #217072

    Heartland Harps is a regular vendor at the Somerset Harp Festival including this year. If you’re at all able to make your way out there you can see + hear the Starlight up close along with many other harps for comparison.

    I always found the design concept interesting since it opens up a lot of possibilities for moving and playing a pedal harp in more demanding conditions, but never having heard it next to other pedal harps I can’t say anything for the expected compromise in sound.

    verticalstrings on #217740

    I purchased a second-hand carbon fiber Starlight harp a while ago. Once it is delivered, I will test it out.

    katherine-willow on #246145

    Hi, VerticalStrings. I’m wondering what your take is on the Starlight you purchased. I’m debating purchasing one myself.

    brook-boddie on #246173

    I’ve played one before. I didn’t care for it at all. However, everyone has different tastes. Definitely try one out first before you commit. They are nothing at all like wooden pedal harps.

    balfour-knight on #256760

    This older blog goes along with the new one called “Heartland Harps,” if you folks are interested!

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