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    I’ve been look at the web site for the Legend model of carbon fiber harp by Heartland Harps.


    You can find a whole thread on Heartland’s Carbon Fiber harps here

    I tried some several years ago at Harpcon in St Louis.


    I’ve been playing my 36-string Infinity in parts of Southeast Alaska on a 26-foot boat, and on the Inside Passage ferry. I love it, and the people for whom I’ve played seem to love it too. I love not worry about temperature changes. It has withstood cold, damp, rainy conditions, as well as a couple days in a hot trunk of a car. It also withstands the occasional “thunk” that happens around boats without a scratch, and it sounds great. The sound filled the forward observation lounge of the Alaska ferry, and prompted enthusiastic applause.

    At my California home, I also play an L&H 85P.


    I encourage you to do a Google search of “harpcolumn carbon Heartland” or something like that.


    I have had a Delight for almost 2 years and love it. I take the harp out 2-3 days a week, and it has savedhad hours..I don’t put it in a case, just pull it out of the car and off I go. I play In a hospital, and tho not as warm a sound as wood, it still is lovely.


    Hi Cathy,
    I imported a Legend and I really needed a light harp for when I am ill, a lot of incentive to make it work. I honestly can’t change my ear. I do have perfect pitch. It is light and good size, design, height, volume but there is a brightness (not like wire strung harps) I have to say I can hear the soundboard is not wood and for me that changes the experience of the harp. I also found being so light it moves whilst I play. Most players can compensate by holding the harp with their knees. I can’t because of my muscle weakness.
    So I must stress harps are so personal. There are rarely bad harps. I think it is more like how one chooses a lover. Harps draw on all my senses.
    Just always try before you buy and you will know if it is right for you. I have a friend who loves the Legend above all others.
    Happy harping

    Allison Stevick

    I have had a Delight for over a year now, and I absolutely love it! It is very portable, durable, and has a full, sweet sound. It does sound a little different than a wooden harp, but I like the difference. It is very resonant and comfortable to play. I haven’t had any problems with the light weight while playing–if i need to, i hang on with my knees or put my foot on the harp’s foot. I compared it in person to a 36-string Dusty, and found I actually liked the carbon fiber sound better! The bass was cleaner, and the upper register not plinky. That surprised me at first, because I have always preferred natural material instruments in the past. Anyway, as others have said, choosing a harp is a very personal experience, and everybody has their own ideal. For me, my carbon fiber harp is the best.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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