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    unknown-user on #160290

    I saw a show about a cello made out of carbon fiber. It is lighter and stronger than a cello made out of wood. Is anybody making a harp out of carbon fiber? It seems like an interesting possibility.

    catherine-rogers on #160291

    Camac harps have some components of carbon fiber and some wood components reinforced with carbon fiber.

    unknown-user on #160292

    Hello Emilia- The show was probably about the Luis and Clark instruments, now including a violin, viola, and concert bass in addition to the cello. I recently attended

    patricia-jaeger on #160293

    In the past, some harpmakers have used carbon fiber : Venus harps’

    laurie-rasmussen on #160294

    John Dorman in Alberta, Canada makes a 38-string folding travel harp that is constructed mostly of carbon fiber. I’ve never played one and I don’t know how it sounds but you can see it here:

    Liam M on #160296

    Doesn’t Dusty Strings use carbon fibre?

    HBrock25 on #160297

    This harp maker in New Zealand makes carbon fibre ones:

    I know someone who bought one and is very pleased with it.


    Participant on #160298

    I met up with a harpist in Calgary just so I could hear this harp.

    Chris Asmann on #160299

    I’m suprised no-one mentioned Dr. Decker’s venture:

    I have one of his earlier guitars and it’s entirely made of carbon fiber and resin, even the soundboard. Bright and loud, it has a nice sound that’s immediatly recognisable.

    It was developed to withstand the challenges of Hawaii’s humid climate and is completely unaffected by drastic changes in humidity and temperature. That alone seems like a significant benefit. I don’t think CF would hold tuning pegs like wood does though….

    I’d imagine combinations of CF and wood would have some logistical concerns (like gluing), but I see no reason when

    Carm Zephyr on #160300

    Check out Andrew Thom Harps in Tasmania Australia. Pretty cool looking Harps. He makes new age carbon fibre harps. He can make one in any colour you desire aswell.

    evelyn-tiffany-castiglioni on #160301

    This reply is a bit late, but I just came across this thread.

    mary-savard on #160302

    I was at the Harp Gathering in Ohio in May and had the opportunity to try the Heartland Carbon Fiber harp.

    helen-rudd on #160303

    After watching the video of the heartland carbon fiber harp it is easy to hear the difference in tone, but I actually like it (i’ll take one of each please!) To me the carbon fiber harp has beautiful clear bell like tones in the upper register and lovely tones in the mid range but it seems to lack depth in the lower register. Does anyone know if there are plans at any of the pedal harp companies to experiment with carbon fiber?

    Audrey Nickel on #160304

    I think some of the pedal harps already have some carbon fiber in them.

    A year or so ago, I was site hosting for a concert at our church.

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