Canon in D, easy version?

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    marguerite-lynn-williams on #88716


    Can anyone suggest an easy version of Pachelbel Canon in D that is in the key of D and doesn’t sound too bare bones??

    unknown-user on #88717

    Hi Lynn,

    Have you looked at Sylvia Woods’ version of the Canon?

    Han Hsieh on #88718

    Kate is right. I played her version

    tony-morosco on #88719

    I will third the Sylvia Woods arrangement. I use it for lever harp and it is very nice and very full sounding. I often get compliments when I play it. I also have both the older version and the new edition (sent to me by accident when I ordered something else and they kindly told me to just keep it) and there are some differences. But both are very nice and you may be able to find an older edition second hand fairly cheap.

    Generally I like Sylvia’s arrangments and I wish she would do more arrangments of classical music. She does them very well.

    Elizabeth Hagberg on #88720

    I agree.

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