Candlelight Carol & Mass for the Children by Rutter

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    virginia-schweninger on #149274

    I just posted this with the wrong name . . . it’s “Candlilight Carol”. Just got a call for these
    two pieces with choir for Christmas. I can’t seem to find anything
    in my search. Can someone give me an idea what the parts are like. I’m trying not to take
    on too much new stuff for the holidays that ends up making me crazy!

    Devon Carpenter on #149275

    I’ve never played the Mass for the Children, but Candlelight Carol is very easy.

    unknown-user on #149276

    Take the gig!!!!!

    rosalind-beck on #149277

    Virginia, Not to worry.

    B Y on #149278

    No worries!
    Candlelight Carol is very easy.

    laura-stokes on #149279

    Hi Virginia!

    I was just asked to play the Candlelight Carol and I had the exact same question! 🙂


    sherry-lenox on #149280

    If you’re handy to a library, I think the harp part for Candlelight Carol is in one of the volumes of the Oxford Carols for Choirs, and you may be able to see the part there.
    If you find it, you could probably photo copy it in a pinch but the choir books are smaller than 8×11.

    MusikFind1 on #149281

    Pub: Oxford University Press
    Pub: for the U.S. Hinshaw Music.

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