Can tuning down to 432hz hurt my harp?

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    Timbre on #183144

    I had an odd recording request. I’m supposed to play a session next weekend, and he records all his music at 432 instead of 440. Any idea if tuning my whole harp down to 432 could mess with my soundboard tension?

    Timbre on #183145

    To clarify, I play a concert grand.

    Biagio on #183147

    No it should not hurt it at all.


    carl-swanson on #183164

    It won’t hurt the instrument at all, but the harp initially will probably not stay in tune very well. Strings tend to want to return to where they were. So if you tune down to 432 on the morning of the session, the harp will probably go sharp while you work. I would advise changing the tuning maybe two days in advance, and tuning it several times a day so it stays there.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #183208

    What will hurt is if you suddenly bring it back up to pitch all at once. You have to do that gradually.

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