Can somebody check my harp part (in my symphony) to see if it is ok ?

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    unknown-user on #160930


    I’m not a harp player (unlike all of you), but I’ve included a harp part in my symphony.

    I thought it would be a good idea to ask some harpists about the playability and suitability of my harp part.

    If you have time, could you please listen to a mock up of movement 3, scherzo-finale and check out the harp part ?

    And bear in mind:

    1. Is it playable ?
    2. Could some of the chords be filled in with extra notes ?
    3. How much detail is needed over pedalling, or would a decent player be able to do this without a composer’s input ?

    Harp part pdf

    Full score

    Digital Mock-up (mp3)

    thanks for your time

    unknown-user on #160931

    sorry first link is wrong – it should be

    Tacye on #160932

    I hope I have the right file- movement 3 21 xml…

    Not in depth at all:

    Any decent harpist can write pedals in and probably would prefer to.

    unknown-user on #160933

    Thanks for your speedy response. I’ll get back to you when I’ve checked the points raised. I will also be looking at elgar as a model for good harp writing. And I’m not confident in writing for harp, which is why I’m asking for help here.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #160934

    Not Elgar. Berlioz, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Debussy for basic traditional uses and examples.

    unknown-user on #160935

    On the subject of bar 51, is it rare/unusual to have a gliss in both hands leading up to a chord.

    This is what I wanted, but I’ll drop the bottom LH note and have a gliss only in the LH hand if necessary.

    unknown-user on #160936

    thanks for the suggestions of the best composers for harp writing – these will be a priority next time I’m at my sheet music shop.

    Tacye on #160937

    I can’t think of anywhere I play a two handed gliss to a chord- do you have access to a harp where you can try it?

    unknown-user on #160938

    In response to the above, if a two-handed gliss is impractical, a one handed gliss with grace notes leading up to a chord is fine, is it not ?

    I would have thought that this effect is very harp-like, but I may be mistaken.

    Would it make more sense if the chord itself is rolled, with the wavy line sign next to it, so you don’t have to gliss then grab a chord, as it were, but continue rolling ?

    Am I making any sense ?

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