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    Do Camac harps have a specific tuning wrench? mine didn’t come with one and my one that fits all my other harps isn’t fitting so great.


    Not certain about Camac Pedal harps, but their lever harps definitely have their own wrench. The wrench for my Camac lever harp doesn’t fit any of my other harps, and the wrench that fits all my other harps doesn’t fit my Camac lever harp.

    Too bad too, I don’t really like the Camac wrench. I prefer long handled wrenches and the only one I can find for the Camac is a ‘T’ style wrench.




    If you ever have a chance to visit a harp conference or harp store that carries Camacs, get some of the long handled tuning keys and try them on the Camac harps. Tuning keys are notorious for loose fit; chances are you will find one that will fit the slightly large Camac tuning pins. That’s what I did.

    You could even contact someplace like Virginia Harp Center or Atlanta Harp Center (they carry many brands of harp) and ask them to try some for you. If one fits, they can send it to you.


    Thanks Catherine, Virginia Harp center had 1 camac lever wrench.. it’s on it’s way. janet


    The Camac tuning pins are slightly larger than those of other pedal harp makers. When I got my antique Erard, my tuning keys didn’t fit it at all. Then I found out that Camac tuning keys work perfectly for Erards, and they do.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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