Camac Melusine VS. Dusty Strings FH36

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    katewilde on #192891

    Hi there! I’ve been playing a 26-string harp for almost three years and I feel so creatively ready to expand my range.

    I’ve been looking at the Camac Melusine, but I have no way to play it and try it out. I’ve been able to try the Dusty Strings, and loveee the tone, but I feel like it’s kind of unwieldy for me, as I’m 5’1″. (Not to mention much more expensive… But it’s kind of easy to find them used, as I live in Oregon, one state away from their headquarters.) The Camac has two more bass strings than the Dusty, but it has a rounded back so it may be easier for my arms to reach around. I also love the shape more than I like the Dusty’s shape- it’s more feminine. I’m just wondering if anyone has experience comparing these harps, and could give me some advice! Thanks so much!

    Kate Wilde

    Biagio on #192904

    Hi Kate,

    I haven’t played the Melusine but I have the Dustys and a couple of Thormahlens (also near you). Here are a few thoughts in the hope they may be helpful:

    Dusty makes two semi staved back models (FHXS and FHXH) which some small people find easier to deal with.

    After mulling the same thoughts I decided that I really wanted those lower bass strings but rarely needed the highest so decided on a 34 but with the lowest an A (smaller harp than a 36). So I changed the strings on my own 34 – most makers will guide you in how to do that if you want to.

    -You might consider joining the Puget Sound Folk Harp Society – I just saw a used Dusty 36S (stave back) for sale in the most recent newsletter: and other used harps show up there all the time.

    -You might find a round back there if that is something you are set on though I haven’t seen any recently except a Salvi Egan (talk about BIG).

    -I am fairly small too so weight is an issue; but not height especially if you have an adjustable bench or chair. I have an “Adust-a-rite” and though it was pricey it was really worth it!

    -Speaking of harp societies I’d also invite you to join the Virtual Harp Circle Yahoo! group: quite a few members live in the Pacific Northwest.

    Best wishes,

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